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Delta Airlines 757-200 Cockpit View Landing in Atlanta

Length: 4:23
Description: Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 landing in Atlanta-Hartsfield Int'l airport. This video was recorded for the Captain's last flight after 26 years with Delta. Flight originated from Savannah Hilton-Head Airport. After the landing, you can see the water gun salute on the ramp!
Author: Airforceproud95
Source: YouTube

amazing landing love this video love Delta
• Robert Aronovitz on 03-Jul-2014

Congrutulation to video,Perfect App and Landing
• Rudieron Fagner on 14-Sep-2011

I'm pretty sure that was the autopilot being disengaged, meaning that they took control of the plane by hand because they were on short final.
• Airforceproud95 on 24-Apr-2012

@DVA5656 Thanks, the pilot in the jumpseat, out of courtesy.
• Airforceproud95 on 10-Oct-2010

@CraZy291 Yep, its quite a view. Thanks!
• Airforceproud95 on 19-Feb-2010

Another cool video thanks for sharing...its cool your pops is a pilot... For some reason I always have shitty turbulence landing in the ATL...
• AUgrad00 on 25-Apr-2010

Thanks for posting! :-)
• kenna85 on 21-Jun-2013

@Ahuntsicspotter Well, he is deceased now, he had cancer. But he was retired for a number of years.
• Airforceproud95 on 31-Jan-2011

Aww, but that's still awesome!!! It's nice to look back at old family videos, especially since it's about a topic you enjoy.
• DV5230US on 25-Jan-2010

@Hauler24 Autothrottle disconnect. Autopilot disengage is a master warning siren, which is generally canceled before it even sounds.
• unrealugn on 09-Jan-2011