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Speed Boat, Caticlan to Boracay - 12th April 2008

Length: 8:43
Description: On the 12th April 2008 we went to spend 3 nights on the island of Boracay.

The last time I was on Boracay was about 10 years ago, from the few memories I have of then I can tell a lot has changed, there certainly wasn't as many hotels back then i'm certain.

This video shows us being picked up at the "Fairways Welcome Center" in Caticlan and the speed boat ride to Boracay, then arriving at our hotel.

We stayed at the Asya Boracay Hotel

You can read my review of the hotel on here

For mor info on Boracay try the following sites

Boracay Info

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Boracay Online

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Author: MokongX3M
Source: YouTube

@MokongX3M i been to boracay too. we check-in at boracay regency hotel. i miss the days
• 24kojiful on 29-Oct-2010

doing that every year must kill you :D
• Ian Darragh on 18-May-2008

XD It's weird seeing you on camera waving and not saying anything.
• Gamechamp3000 on 21-May-2008

i miss iloilo and borakay island..i usd to go to iloilo ,borakay and bacolod back and forth visiting my parent,grandparents and aunts..if u try to visit bacolod city in negros u will see there's a lot of waterfalls there and volcano and also guimaras island a lot of white sand beach and falls and islands...and u should see cebu and palawan oh i have a cozin also named MOKONG... funy guy and i miss him too and my family back home
• MYTZHELLE on 15-Mar-2009

My mother is the one with the pink scarf you see at the very start of he vid in front of the camera
• MokongX3M on 19-May-2008

Cheers :)
• MokongX3M on 19-May-2008

this is kind of like the staten island ferry but smaller and faster
• punkerdave01 on 18-May-2008

guy likes to talk, a real tourist
• KhunJim on 03-Oct-2009

Thanks, where in the Philippines is your friend?
• MokongX3M on 19-May-2008

hello cas i see ur video ur personal camera man....hehehehe tkecer godbles u
• Ambidexterity on 09-Jul-2008